Here is an incite on my information and pricing in full. 


Information, Rules, and policy

All photos that I take are mine, if shared they must be credited to my website or my Facebook page CiaoBella_Photography.

Editing, removing watermark or claiming photos as yours is prohibited. As a photographer it takes a lot of time getting the end result that we do. So please be respectful and don't edit or remove the watermark after it has been sent to you.

All money must be sent to my PayPal, Check or cash before the shoot begins. to send the money to my PayPal send it to

Each session will run an hour to 2 hours long so be prepared for a longer photoshoot depending on the amount of dogs.

lastly have fun and enjoy, I always try to engage and have fun with my clients and get to know the dogs.


Mini Session Package: (usually 1 hour Maximum) $200 includes, 20-30 prints sizing of your choice, and a CD

Full Session Package: (Usually 2 hours Maximum) $250 includes, 30-40 photos prints sizing of your choice and a CD