Studio Sessions

March 25th 2017

I recently started doing studio sessions a few months back and they are slowly turning into my favorite way to photograph. It is a lot of fun using props and different backdrops to capture the personality each dog has. The rule of thumb for studio sessions is to make the background work best with the animal you are photographing. A light dog should be placed against a dark background or make the color contrast best with what you are working with. Always use props, Props are what makes studio sessions fun have your client bring what their dogs love and or what makes their dogs unique in their own way. It is a lot of fun capturing the personalities of the dog with the stuff they love to do.

Ask if they are interested in getting photos taken with their dogs, People always enjoy getting pictures taken with their dogs so they can cherish them for the rest of their lives. make the shoot as fun as possible, it is sometimes hard to focus in such a small new area. Always bring treats and squeaky toys to keep the dogs attention. other then that have fun <3


Engagement Session

November 13th 2016

I did my first engagement session last weekend and I was super nervous at first, I am not one to work with people but I thought I would give it a go. Once I started getting more involved in the session it started to become more clear to me what I was missing out on. They are super fun and it is always a fun time talking to the people and getting to know them. Of course I included an adorable dog in the session as well. They are apart of the family so we can't forget them to. I was really happy with how the photos turned out, I hoping to do more of these throughout next year and build up my portfolio with people.  


October 23rd 2016

Big dogs are fun to photograph but also a bit of a challenge, they easily fill the frame a lot faster then medium to small breeds. their face usually comes up to where my camera hangs so I have to try to work my way around it while getting good shots. I figured out that the goal of shooting big dog is you have to get as far back as possible to get the shots you want of their whole body. It took a lot of lens changing and getting to know how to photograph him before I could take any photos. This is cash btw and he loves bones. He also reminds me of Scooby doo. 


Puppies And Photos

October 20th 2016

Puppies are adorable am I right? they make for some cute photos. But getting the shots is the trickiest part. It takes a lot of patience and skill to work with the ones that can only sit still for 5 Seconds at a time. The wiggly,goofy,silly ones who make it much more of a challenge. Remember when photographing puppies to always stay calm and don't get frustrated. It only makes the owners more agitated because their puppy is all over the place. Work with what the puppy will give you. If it means you only get one photo so be it.

River the dog that put up a challenge

On October 13th I photographer River, a black mouth cur mix. She would not sit still and had me working to get the good shots. I managed to get some decent shots of her after all the wiggling and how big of a fight she put up with sitting still. But she finally sat still for a little bit and I was able to get some shots of her. It is important to remain patient while working with dogs who give you a struggle to get one good shot. Just remember that one is always enough as long as you tried.  

The Weekends Fun

Over the weekend we took an adventure to Minnehaha Falls. A beautiful place to capture the essence of what mother nature throws at us. Myself and 2 other photographers went and enjoyed our time while taking photos of the dogs enjoying themselves. As Photographers we try to find the beauty in everything. We then proceeded on with our day and explored the rest of the Minnehaha area. After we went to a local grill and grabbed some lunch while the dogs chilled at our feet. We then Proceeded to head to the dog meet up where we met a lot of amazing photographers and dog lovers. Over all it was a wonderful weekend and we enjoyed every bit of it.