Studio Sessions

March 25th 2017

I recently started doing studio sessions a few months back and they are slowly turning into my favorite way to photograph. It is a lot of fun using props and different backdrops to capture the personality each dog has. The rule of thumb for studio sessions is to make the background work best with the animal you are photographing. A light dog should be placed against a dark background or make the color contrast best with what you are working with. Always use props, Props are what makes studio sessions fun have your client bring what their dogs love and or what makes their dogs unique in their own way. It is a lot of fun capturing the personalities of the dog with the stuff they love to do.

Ask if they are interested in getting photos taken with their dogs, People always enjoy getting pictures taken with their dogs so they can cherish them for the rest of their lives. make the shoot as fun as possible, it is sometimes hard to focus in such a small new area. Always bring treats and squeaky toys to keep the dogs attention. other then that have fun <3